"I really enjoyed picking today - I met some lovely people and had a giggle so thank you!  I would love to
help again when you next need unsilled labour - if you will have me!!!" Amanda, Ampthill
The vineyard is lovingly cared for all year round by local people giving their time to the project. It's a great "green gym", and unique way to enjoy the outdoors, meet new people, and relax from the stresses of life.

Testing sugar levels of grapes
Volunteer sessions at the vineyard are generally held on Tuesdays and Fridays, between 9.30 and 4pm, depending on the seasonal task to be done. We hope to expand this to include some weekend sessions over the summer.  If you have any time to spare and would like to come and try your hand, we would love to see you at one of our sessions.  Any time you could volunteer would be great, from a couple of hours to the whole day. 

If you want to get involved, please contact the organiser, Jane Markham on 07981 113714 or info@wardenvineyard.org.uk for more details.
 View our Winter Pruning video to get a taster of a volunteer session!
Other volunteer opportunities

More help in the vineyard is always welcome, but we're currently also looking for volunteers to join our teams in the following areas so we can expand what we do. You don't have to lift a single garden tool!

  • events organisation e.g. open days, wine tastings, fund raising events
  • school visits
  • tour guides
  • publicity and marketing
                • Friends of Warden Abbey Vineyard committee
Corporate volunteering
We welcome the opportunity to build link with local companies. Please see our Corporate Supporters and Team Challenges pages for more details.

Volunteer Survey 2016

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Volunteer Survey 2013

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